The mayans counting sytem



The Mayans counting system differs from ours in many ways but there are also similarities. Both the mayans and we have a base number, ours is ten and theres is 20.

Because the Mayans have a higher base number means that they can reach a higher number then us in one step. The Mayans ”numbers” consists of shells,pebbles and sticks, that means that they only need three symbols for there entire counting system. In our counting system we have- 0 1 2 3 4…9. the mayans shell stod for the number 0,the pebbles for 1, and the stick is worth 5. Too make the number 3 you need 3 pebbles and so on.

With these numbers we can count to 19 with the help of 3 sticks and 4 pebbles. What the numbers are worth depends on their position, because the Mayans use 4 hights when they count math.



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