The cocain road

The cocaines road is long and it starts in the Colombian fields where poor farmers pick the coca leaves, then it´s taken by the mob or drug cartells which make into cocaine paste now its worth about 120 dollars for a 100g, and its 100% pure.

Now its transported to all over the world, it is becoming an everyday drug for the everyday man in the street.

Colombia is responsible for 70% of

all cocaine production on earthe, The farmers and workers dont use the drug because they know its bad ”we don´t have a choice” they say ”if we do not work we will have to leave our children and our lives behind” . There is a lot of violence going on in conection with the drugs, not only the dealers, transporters and the users but also cops and innocents, over 75000 people are killed every year in conection with the drug. The famalies of these people also have to suffer for no reason, The police have to spend countless hours fighting this sociatal cancer.

Now many people are talking about legalizing the drug because its very expensive with a war on drugs.

The process of making the drug begins with hacking the leaves into small small peaces then they blend it with chalice, amoniac, diesel/petrol then its made into a paste worth about 120 dollars for a 100 grams. When it´s made to powder its worth about 50 000 swedish crowns for the same amount. The process of making the powder means that a lot of dangerous chemicals are released into rivers and sprayed on the coca leaves

Av: Philip, Nadja och Ebba


Un Comentario

  1. Donja Nilsson

    Creo que uno deberías informas a los jovenes lo peligroso que la cocaina a es.
    Debido a que uno puede llegar a ser dependientes directamente.
    Creo que es una articulo muy bueno y educativo.


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