The cell-phone – your friend or your enemy

The cell-phone – your friend or your enemy

The manufacture of a cell-phone requires exclusive minerals that you get from areas like Goma in east Kongo in Africa. When the phone later gets old you throw in the trash and it sents back to Ghana in Africa. When it is there it burns and deadly gases comes out in the air, and the people who works there breaths them in, daily.

To produce a phone you need manganese and other minerals. It takes alot of work toget these minerals and the workers only get pennies to do it. It is enough money for food, but maybe not everyday.

Manganese is a grey-white metallic elemental that looks like iron. People use it in alloys with iron and for example stainless steel. Manganses is a neurotoxin that is dangerous when you use it, especially for children. Some people works in this everyday.

The consequences in the community

The minerals are worth alot of money. But the workers only earns a small pennie. So they can buy food and maybe sometimes other necessary things. But who is actually earning the big money? It is not the ones that does the hard work. The one that earns the big money is the ones that ownes the mines where the manganes is prepared.

They use the workers and the nature for the money. The nature around the mines are destroyed and the workers are tired. It is the rebels (Gerillan) who has the power over the mines and the people in Goma are afraid of them. They don’t go after the laws, they make their own, and they don’t belong to the tribe. The President forbade the work of searching after the minerals. In that way the workers couldn’t no longer get any money and no money means poorness. Goma a place that already were uncertain was catastrophic. The manganese and the other minerals are locked up for no use. But the people are still digging after the minerals and waiting for the president to change his mind. If nothing else happend soon people are going to die.

The use of the cell-phone

The cell-phone is a big solution for todays community. It is good for business between sellers and buyer. If a fisher is out fishing he can easaly call and he can get phone-calls from costumers so they can bid on his fish. He can get a really good price because anyone can get hold on him through his cell-phone. But it can also be good to use if you’re out and something bad would happend. Then you can easly make a phone call to a emergency center or to your home. In the school it is also good to use when you have to search facts about something.

After the use of the cell-phone

When the cell-phone brokes after you used it you throw it away and is then sent back to Africa, Ghana. There they burn the phones and other electronic things. When you burn the junk you get the desirable minerals. The same time as you fires dangerous gases comes out in the air that the workers daily breath in. The gases contents quicksilver, lead and dioxins that can lead to sterility, brain injuries and also cancer. The ground that they are working in is metallic black-grey because of the burning.

Because the gases affect both the nature and the community you can ask yourself why they don’t shut down the company? Why they don’t send back Europes garbage? Because, if they shut down the garbage will still exist somewehere, and you have to get rid of it. Why they don’t send back the garbage is because everyone in Africa have afford to buy a new cell-phone. Therefore can the people that can’t afford to buy a new-cell phone, take Europes old used cell-phones to a better price.

Even if the cell-phone is practical during the use there is always consequences both before and after, that can damage the nature and the people.

Av: Anna H, Sofie, Lina och Marina



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