Let’s celebrate Carnival!

Imagine Hose and Curtis want you to come in Carnival holidays to stay here in our island Gran Canaria and you can wonder: what is carnival?

Carnival (or tentative days) is one of the most popular festivals in the Canary Islands. Thousands of people prepare throughout the year to take part in this celebration and it consists of enjoying with friends dancing, singing and so on…

What does Carnival consist of?

Carnival consists of dressing up, it means that people wear different costumes and they make up their faces and even they put a wig on the head.

Now we are going to talk about Gran Canaria island carnival.

There are a lot of performances such as the queen show, the drag queen show (transformers), murgas , mogollones and so on…

On the one hand , young people prefer to attend to mogollones because  they are funny and it can be a great opportunity to flirt with girls or boys. Mogollones are street parties where people drink, dance and so forth and when they are hungry or thirsty they go/attend to chiringuitos that’s to say stands where people can buy food and drinks.

Also people like going to watch and listen to murgas, they are musical groups who sing and perform funny songs about the society and they criticize famous people, politicians, sport-men and so on…

On the other hand there are festivals to choose the best and the most  beautiful woman, girl and drag queen . They spend many days and hours to get their fancy dresses ready which are about a special topic each year year, for instance in 2012 cómics characters such as Captain America, Superman, Cat-woman and so forth…

Finally Carnival finishes with the Sardine burial which is celebrated on the last day of Carnival and people walking to Las Canteras beach dressed in black , go in procession and they burn the sardine.

Come to our Carnival , we are looking forward to meeting you.

Carlos N.


  1. Cynthia

    I love the carnival because is something peculiar to our island

  2. Janira Castellano

    I like very much that´s text because it has information about our carnival and it is very easy. It invites other people to come to our island and to our carnival.


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