Apples bad responsibility for their workers

The monster corporation Apple has made an enormous profit with their touch products that have an extremely sharp picture and high touch sensitivity. But is the making of the products fair? They take advantage of poor workers in countries like China. The workers work with dangerous substances whole days without having any bigger knowledge about how in sanitary it actually is. Apple allows their subcontractor to use poisonous solvent and many other dangerous substances, just so the corporation goes with profit.

Examination of Apples production

Recently it has been brought forward in reportage from the Swedish television that Apples subcontractor uses the chemical solvent hexane. The corporation Wintek, one of Apples subcontractor, has a factory in China where they produce about 90% of Apples products, Iphone and Ipad. At this factory they use the substance hexane instead of other alcohols that they used before. Why they use hexane is because it’s a much cheaper choice than other alcohols. Hexane is also a much more volatile, witch means that the substance can evaporate at lower temperatures.

combination C6H14. The boiling point of the substance is 69° C. Hexane is therefore an organic compound that has been produced through refining of petroleum, which is crude oil. Hexane has many different types of uses. Some of these are as solvent, detergent for industrial degreases. Even in thermometer liquid you can find this substance.

The impact of hexane

The impact of hexane depends on how long time the workers have been in contact with the substance. The most common symptoms are irritation, dizziness, headache and a light sickness. In some more extreme cases there have also been paralysis effects on large parts of the body. Hexane is not only dangerous to your health, but also a danger to nature, above all to animals and plants that live in water. The substance can cause long lasting effects in water environments.


Written by: Jonathan Swartling, Eric Johansson & Elias Samuelsson

What is hexane?

Hexane is a relatively simple molecule, which has six carbon atoms that are accompanied by fourteen hydrogen molecules. This gives the chemical



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