In this article we show a translation of the word algebra, what algebra is, and the meaning of it. The article is build to show a funny side of algebra.

Algebra is a concept that comes from al-jabr witch means “Add equal terms to both sides an equation in order to eliminate negative terms.
In primary school we learn the first grade of equations for an example: x+3=7, we want to know what x is, you count that out in different steps so you can get the answer of x , in that step you’ve figured out the equation. There are also second grade, third grade of equations and so on. The second grade equation: ax2 +bx+c=y. The third grade equation: : ax3+bx+c=y.
A fundamental  idea in mathematics is that you should be able to start from a problem formulated in text or a picture and a transfer in to numbers and letters, when the problem is solved and you’ve got for a example that the answer is x=12 you have to be able to once again interpret in to text.
These transitions between the representation forms are difficult and even more demanding. In algebra were

much is about transforming and expression in algebra like an equation to a graph or a table. Algebra is a part of the math you learn in primary school.  People have used
the algebra since 830 a.c.  and it was founded in the part of the world that we now call Iraq.
Every rule of mathematics has been progressed but the algebra has progressed since the 19:th century. Algebra is also used together with other sides in mathematic, geometry for an example. Now there is also a great deal of progress, by combining different methods and results from different areas.

By: Hanna, Filippa, Sebastian, Joakim.



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