Ardiel Jiménez

How did you begin surfing?

Well… I used to go every summer to the beach at “Pozo Izquierdo” because my family had a house there and the waves broke against my house because there wasn’t an avenue, at the beginning and all the house had wave breakers well, the noise of the waves is breaking against the houses all the time and seeing my older cousins and my brother, getting in the water with the cars and seeing them attracted me so I didn’t think of getting in the water.

Did you think you had a future in this from when you were little or was it with time that you go better?

Man, when I was little, I didn’t think if I had a future or not… In the first years you go to have a good time because it is wonderful, after four years I was fourteen years old I had started with my little board when I was ten. From there I began to think many times… “One day I’m going to achieve something”… “I want to be a professional in this sport.. One day” And many times those at the beach laughed and they call to me “El Competi”* (as a competitor)*. But in the end “El Competi” became world champion, no?

And whenever suits you best, going to be a legend or already are you?

Ohh! I don’t know hahaha. I think I’m not the most indicated person who can say that… But I think to be a legend however, at least that matters are to try to enjoy this sport… Achieve the objectives that everyone wants and you do it slowly regardless… Because many times the way is harder than it appears and it’s not very easy as you want it but with effort, determination and dedication you get it

And do you get all?

No, there is still one last detail, I would like to win the World Circuit, and dedicate it to my brother, the IBA Circuit and then I’ll be a little quieter.

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Gian Marco, Francisco and Iván Ortega



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