Our Jesús Arencibia

Jesús Arencibia was born in Tamaraceite in 1911. His father was D.Antonio González and her mother was D.Antonia Arencibia.
His aunt, soledad, liked painting and the artist was influence by her,with the help of  Lía Tavío. He started studying painting when he was 13 years old his drawing studied composition and colour.  Example: San Antonio Abad church.
His painting had different phases:
1st phase: He learnt to paint by him self and he had a great influence from Nicolás Masieu
2nd phase: Luján Pérez school ( 1930 – 1936 ) he started bachiller in L.P.

Alejandro and Beatriz


Un Comentario

  1. alejandro araujo perez

    That man jesus Arencibia is very good painter and I like to pile on all the tables that fact and because it is my land.


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